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The revolutionary two-pronged TruHealing Centers approach is designed for maximum recovery in every new and existing facility throughout the country. Our techniques and strategies, borne of years of experience in the industry, streamline the facility’s management needs to ensure smooth, client-centered operation.


Licensing &

Behavioral healthcare is a complex, multifaceted industry with the potential for costly and damaging errors in licensing and compliance. Amatus Health performs the necessary licensing procedures required by accrediting parties as well as compliance checks to accelerate your facility’s launch and continued operation for the ultimate benefit of your clients.

Our licensing and compliance services include:

  • Initial facility licensing procedures: development of organization policies and procedures
  • State licensing: ensuring the facility and program exceeds state standards
  • National accreditation: JCAHO and CARF
  • Licensing maintenance and renewal
  • Compliance checks: staff credentials, healthcare compliance, program compliance, pre-survey compliance, and billing compliance
  • Ethics training
  • Program quality control: development of facility tools for adequate efforts
  • Weekly external clinical chart reviews
  • Quarterly mock accreditation surveys
  • Monthly and quarterly facility conformance checks
  • Annual facility policy review and updates
  • Weekly chart auditing

Revenue Cycle

Effective revenue management allows your facility to operate smoothly and efficiently without accidental loss or misappropriation of funds. Our billing specialists possess invaluable experience in the rehabilitation industry with a thorough awareness of potential pitfalls and well-honed tactics for financial maximization.


Our revenue cycle management services include:


  • Streamlined, efficient billing procedures
  • Insurance utilization management
  • Persistent follow-up on unpaid claims
  • Payment posting and customized reporting
  • Single-case agreement and in-network contracting negotiations
  • Electronic claim submission for rapid payment
  • UB04 and HCFA-1500 billing

Business Development
& Marketing

Reach every client to help relieve a national crisis. Having cultivated exceptional success in our own facilities, we share our knowledge and experience with more facilities to encourage change in the greater population. By partnering with other facilities and industry leaders, we develop and nurture relationships with their local communities, aiming to reduce the enormous numbers of people nationwide affected by the opioid epidemic.


Our business development and marketing services include:


  • Brand development
  • Community awareness
  • Prevention and education
  • Outreach coordination
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Alumni services


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