Georgia Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

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Georgia Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

TruHealing Atlanta and TruHealing Peachtree City are committed to helping you achieve lasting recovery from substance abuse. We offer comprehensive treatment programs of different intensities to ensure proper care for all. 

Our team knows that no two people experience addiction in the same way, so that they won’t recover in the same way either. That’s why our treatment programs are individually tailored to help you get to where you are to where you want to be: successfully sober. 

Choosing the Best Georgia Addiction Treatment Program for You

It is essential to pick an addiction treatment program that fits your situation. Relapse is more likely to occur if your addiction treatment program does not meet your individual needs. 


Here are some questions to consider while researching your options for substance abuse treatment: 


  • How severe is the drug or alcohol use?
  • What are the healthcare costs related to addiction treatment?
  • Will medical insurance help pay for substance abuse treatment?
  • Will your treatment need to be considered medically necessary?
  • Are you willing to enroll in an out-of-state treatment center if it’s the right program?


An addiction specialist can help answer these questions and get you on track to regain control over substance abuse for good. 

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Georgia Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics

Like the rest of the U.S. Georgia residents are susceptible to substance abuse issues. Support is available if you or a loved one needs help recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction. When contemplating enrolling in treatment, consider the following statistics and know that you are not alone: 


  • Statewide, 1,488 emergency department visits for drug* overdoses occurred in June 2022. Compared to the 1,365 that happened in June 2021. 
  • In 2020, 1,907 Georgia residents (18 and older) died of a drug overdose. 
  • Between 2015 and 2019, Georgia’s drug overdose mortality rate was 19.1 deaths per 100,000 people (age 15 to 64).


The only proven way to break the cycle of addiction is through formal substance abuse treatment. If you’ve been to rehab before and need to return, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Only that you did not receive the treatment you needed the first time. 

Substance Abuse Treatment at TruHealing’s Georgia Locations

Quality addiction treatment centers will always offer more than one level of care. Each of our outpatient programs is designed to meet people where they’re at in the recovery process. 


Alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs offered at TruHealing’s Georgia locations include: 

  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

Our PHP program is usually the first or second step to recovery after an inpatient or residential treatment. For PHP, clients will spend eight or more hours a day in treatment at our facility and return home to sleep. 

  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Our IOP allows individuals to spend more time at home than our PHP. This lets clients practice putting all the new skills they’ve learned to use in their home environment while still receiving plenty of support and accountability. 

  • Outpatient Program (OP) 

At this level of care, individuals can come and go from our facility at will. Allowing them to re-enroll in school, find a job, or spend more time with their families. All while our weekly meetings continue to offer support. 

  • Community Housing 

Never underestimate the power of living with peers after finishing a treatment program. For some clients, this is the healthiest option for a sober living situation with other individuals who have been through recovery.


Our Admissions Process

We have treatment professionals staffed around the clock to help you or your loved one anytime. The first step to enrolling in treatment at TruHealing’s Georgia locations is an assessment to establish your clinical needs and find the proper treatment program. Your health assessment is entirely confidential.


We work with you to examine your substance abuse history and any possible co-occurring mental health disorders you may be dealing with. After completing the initial steps, we will enroll you in the right treatment program and verify your insurance. If you don’t have insurance, we can set up a payment plan to suit your financial situation and help you get the care you need. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long will I be in addiction treatment?

A: The length of your treatment program depends on the severity of your substance abuse. The longer someone has been struggling to quit drugs or alcohol, the longer they need to recover.  Several studies have shown that treatment length significantly affects successful treatment outcomes and ultimately maintaining sobriety. 


Q: Will I be able to see my family?

A: At TruHealing Centers, we believe addiction is a family disease. As such, We provide resources to clients and their family members. Resources include family support groups and different strategies to establish healthy boundaries and an environment for healing


Q: What items should I bring with me?

A: Items you should bring to addiction treatment include an ID, some pocket cash for medications, any prescriptions you’re currently taking, toiletry items, comfortable clothes, and clothes to work out in.


Q: What items are not permitted during treatment?

A: During treatment hours, clients are not permitted to have a cell phone, any substances of any kind, perfume or other products that contain alcohol, aerosol cans, clothing with alcohol or drug references, or weapons of any kind.

Finding Georgia Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

There is hope for those with drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you are ready to take action and start building a life you love, call our addiction treatment specialists today at (833) 641-0572.

Lets Recover Together.


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