Start Your Recovery Today

Start Your Recovery Today

If you have completed an inpatient rehab program, aftercare is the next vital step to long-term sobriety. After rehab, you may experience various emotions while trying to adjust to a sober life at school, work, home, or the community. Mental health and substance use disorders are chronic conditions, so the solution is persistence to prevent the possibility of a relapse. At TruHealing Centers, we can help you maintain long-term sobriety.

Aftercare for Substance Use Disorders

friends hugging in their aftercare programSubstance abuse is an epidemic in the United States. In 2016, over 40 million people in the United States misused prescription or illicit drugs at some point, and drug overdose leads to tens of thousands of deaths every year.

These statistics are alarming, so you should seek help immediately if you are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. The professionals at our rehab center can examine your condition before recommending the right treatment method and continued care plan, where you will continue to gain essential skills after rehab.

For the best results, our therapists offer aftercare services alongside other essential rehab programs, including:

Continued Care and the Recovery Process

Recovery can take months or years, so consistency will help you to focus on the end goal. Overcoming a substance use disorder does not happen overnight, and some people relapse after a few weeks of maintaining sobriety.

A higher rate of relapse occurs during the first few years after rehab, so you need continued treatment to stay on the right track. Continued care can greatly reduce the risk of relapse by providing long-term support and accountability.

Individuals in recovery undergo many problems, such as issues relating to work, maintaining their families, and completing day-to-day tasks. Our aftercare program focuses on equipping our clients with the right skills to handle the economic, social, physical, and psychological challenges they may encounter when trying to live healthy lives.

Some research shows that post-treatment care may double the likelihood of maintaining sobriety after the completion of standard care. The technique preserves the gains from other treatment programs while offering additional benefits.

An aftercare program helps in many short- and long-term ways. For example, those who stay in sober living homes for six months after a successful rehab program exhibit positive outcomes. The program provides the necessary support to focus on your sobriety journey and handle negative triggers.

There are lower relapse rates for individuals who receive continued care services. As such, they have fewer legal issues and an improved employment rate. The benefits of aftercare programs are many, so reach out to TruHealing Centers today.

Why Choose TruHealing Centers for Aftercare Services?

We understand the challenges you may experience during the recovery process. Our rehab center offers psychological and medical programs aimed at long-term results. We can help you maintain abstinence and transition to a drug-free life.

After you complete our inpatient rehab program, we will offer you the benefits of continued care, including:

  • Equipping you with the skills to manage cravings
  • Providing lifestyle changes for relapse prevention
  • Learning from peers through participation in the established networks
  • Encouraging you to join vocational training programs
  • Teaching you how to identify and avoid potential triggers
  • Improving your psychological and physical well-being

Contact Amatus Recovery for Aftercare Services

Are you battling a mental health or substance use disorder? These conditions affect the lives of millions of people worldwide, so it pays to seek the right treatment on time. Do not wait to experience severe consequences when you can receive the much-needed help at TruHealing Centers today. Contact us at 833.631.0525 for more details on our aftercare programs.