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With a range of comprehensive treatment programs, including residential medical detox and aftercare programs, Bonfire Behavioral Health provides the support you need for recovery. Our treatment staff provides a wide array of evidence-based treatment options that we tailor to each client’s individual needs.

Overview of Treatment Programs in Rochester, New Hampshire


The goal of this level of care is to safely allow the substances clients used to be cleaned from their body. This process is generally combined with residential treatment for best outcomes. 24-7 medical and nursing staff is provided.

Partial Hospitalization Program / PHP (sub-title)

The PHP program at Bonfire is a community-based intensive treatment program. Clients live off-site, in transitional or private housing, and attend treatment for the majority of the day. The goal of this program is to begin adapting coping skills in a partially controlled environment.

Intensive Outpatient Program / IOP (sub-title)

Our IOP Program is a great fit for individuals who are decreasing the intensity of their level of care, and for those who are looking to enter treatment from their community. Clients begin to apply the coping skills they learned to stay sober in a group-based modality.

Outpatient Program / OP (sub-title)

Outpatient services are available for individuals seeking assessment and support for a substance use concern.

Bonfire Behavioral Health’s Mission

At Bonfire Behavioral Health in Rochester, New Hampshire, we provide our patients with a wide array of treatment programs, and design an individualized treatment plan for your unique needs. We also ensure that you get the treatment you need from the beginning of your time in treatment to the end.


If you are struggling with addiction, finding a drug and alcohol rehab program is essential. Reach out to Bonfire Behavioral Health today at 833.655.1032 to learn more about the treatment options that are available to you.


Each person has different challenges and triggers that impact their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, there are a wide array of treatment options available to each person who enters our treatment program.


Our treatment programs include:

  • Gender-Specific Rehab Programs
  • Residential Treatment Center
  • Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (IOP)
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Residential Treatment Center

When you come to our residential treatment program, you’ll find private and semi-private bedrooms, modern amenities, and a wide range of entertainment options. We have both indoor and outdoor areas where you can relax and make friends with the other people in the program.

Partial Hospitalization Program

During our partial hospitalization program, you’ll attend therapy several days a week. We offer a range of therapeutic options, but we will tailor your treatment program to your unique needs. These treatment plans will give you strategies you can use to manage your triggers and any mental health issues.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

During our intensive outpatient program, our staff members and your peers will support you and hold you accountable in your journey to sobriety. We help you learn a variety of healthy coping skills that will allow you to manage life’s stresses without using drugs or alcohol.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is the final step in a person’s substance abuse treatment. During this program, our goal is to provide you with the resources and skills you need to manage your addiction. Our expert staff members will create an individualized treatment plan to ensure that you can be successful and find long-term recovery.

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At Bonfire Behavioral Health, our goal is to help you attain long-lasting sobriety. Reach out to our team in Rochester, New Hampshire today at 833.655.1032 to learn how we can help you or your loved one take your life back from addiction.


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