Partial Hospitalization Programs

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Partial Hospitalization Programs

There are as many approaches to treating addiction as there are people in need of recovery. One of the ways that addiction specialists think about the degree of treatment a person needs is what we call the levels of care. The level of care called “partial hospitalization,” also referred to as a PHP, is the most intensive for patients who are not residents at our facilities. That is, partial hospitalization gives someone all of the addiction treatment options of a residential rehab program while they live at home or in a sober-care facility.


If you or someone you care about may benefit from this level of care, our team can help. At TruHealing Centers, our partial hospitalization program may be the right choice for you to begin your recovery. Our team of therapists and addiction specialists will ensure that you have the exact level of care that you need to be successful in treatment and beyond.


What Is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP is a step that many people battling addiction take after going through a residential addiction treatment program or a drug and alcohol detox program. In the early stages of addiction, it is often critical that a patient lives on-site and only leaves under exceptional circumstances. Enrolling in a partial hospitalization program at TruHealing Centers gives you the same level of structure and accountability but also gives you the flexibility to sleep away from the center, either at home or in community housing.


A partial hospitalization program allows patients transitioning from an inpatient or detox program a chance to move into a more flexible program that still offers a high level of structure and support. A candidate for one of our PHPs may have received some initial care for their substance abuse problem but is now having trouble managing their symptoms or needs help with medication management. Whatever the case, PHP addiction treatment provides a highly structured environment for up to six hours a day while you reside at home or in sober-living community housing with peers who are also in the program.

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The Benefits of a PHP at TruHealing Centers

In our partial hospitalization programs at TruHealing Centers, we create custom treatment plans for each patient that comes through our doors. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, ensuring that a plan suits an individual’s needs is an essential principle of effective treatment. In addition to this kind of individualized, patient-centered care, there are many general advantages to enrolling in a partial hospitalization program. These include:


  • Partial hospitalization is less expensive than more costly inpatient programs. Because there is no residential component, top-rated facilities like the PHPs you will find at TruHealing Centers can offer the same treatment and amenities at a lower price.
  • As a result of being less expensive, more insurance companies tend to cover PHPs like ours. Again, this is because they are less costly than their residential counterparts while providing a similar level of care.
  • The services that we offer in our PHPs at TruHealing Centers are an important but often overlooked step between residential and less intensive forms of outpatient care. PHPs are an essential step on the road to reintegration into everyday life.
  • Many PHPs allow the recovering patient to participate in family life and even fulfill the obligations of work or school while receiving the highest standard of care.


Partial hospitalization is not for everyone. But if this level of care sounds like it might benefit you or someone you care about, the many PHP addiction treatments that we offer at TruHealing Centers might be the right choice for you.


Begin Your Recovery with a PHP at TruHealing Centers

If you struggle with addiction and feel alone, reach out for help. At TruHealing Centers, our knowledgable team is ready to get you started in recovery. In our partial hospitalization programs, we’ll give you the tools you need to maintain recovery for years to come. Learn more about our partial hospitalization program by contacting us at 833.641.0572 or completing our convenient online form. Find the support to regain control of your life today.

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