Start Your Recovery Today

Start Your Recovery Today

Substance Abuse Treatment ProgramsIf the medications you have been taking to feel normal have started causing significant harm in your life, you are not alone. Substance use disorder can affect anyone, regardless of intellect, personality, age, gender, race, or income level. The impact of substance abuse on our society is severe. Drug and alcohol abuse costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year, and tens of thousands die every year from drug and alcohol-related causes. However, substance abuse can affect our lives in subtle ways, too.

If you or a loved one has struggled with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you know that it can damage relationships, finances, and even your physical health. While overcoming addiction can be challenging, you can find help in professional substance abuse treatment programs. TruHealing Centers operates drug and alcohol rehabs throughout the United States to give you a chance at a fresh start. Contact TruHealing Centers by calling 833.631.0525 to get started on your path to recovery.

Addiction Recovery Opens Doors

Treatment from a substance abuse treatment center can help people move forward in their lives. The most effective treatment will address not only your addiction but any medical, psychological, or mental health issues at the same time. However, you might not know whether your struggles with drugs and alcohol are severe enough for professional treatment. Some substances, like alcohol or prescription drugs, are legal and widely available, and that can make it difficult to determine if your use of them is over the line.
However, there are some indicators of substance abuse that professionals use for diagnosis. If any of the following criteria apply to you, reach out to TruHealing Centers to learn more about our substance abuse treatment programs:

  • Your relationships with family and friends have suffered due to substance abuse
  • You are unable to fulfill the necessary responsibilities at work or at home
  • You crave drugs and alcohol when you are not using them
  • When you’ve tried to stop drinking or using drugs, you’ve been unsuccessful
  • Despite experiencing negative physical or psychological effects from substance abuse, you’ve continued to drink or use drugs
  • When you’ve tried to quit, you experience withdrawal symptoms
  • It takes increased amounts of drugs or alcohol to feel the same effects

The first step in the recovery journey is admitting that you need help. Contact TruHealing Centers to speak to one of our addiction specialists and find out which of our drug and alcohol rehab centers can help you begin to heal.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs at TruHealing Centers

Once you begin the admissions process at one of TruHealing Centers’ locations, our addiction specialists will take you through a comprehensive assessment. They’ll look at your physical health, medical history, experiences with substance abuse, and goals for treatment in order to create your personalized treatment plan. Our substance abuse treatment programs include levels of care from inpatient medical detox to outpatient treatment and aftercare.

Learn more about our locations and the substance abuse treatment programs we offer:

While in our drug and alcohol rehab programs, you’ll go through both individual and group therapy sessions. The goal of these sessions is to help you understand the root causes of addiction and develop healthy coping skills for the future.

Contact TruHealing Centers Today

Begin rebuilding your life at one of our TruHealing Centers. We’ll help you navigate the admissions process and help you access the substance abuse treatment you need. While in our care, you’ll receive a unique treatment plan, aftercare planning, and the support of other recovery-focused peers. Find hope at our drug and alcohol rehab centers by calling us at 833.631.0525 or reaching out online. Begin your journey to recovery today.