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a woman rejoices in the early morning sunlight about addiction therapy programs and addiction treatment therapies Every individual who enters an addiction treatment program at one of our TruHealing Centers receives an individualized treatment plan. We use a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to addiction treatment. Through effective, evidence-based addiction treatment therapies, you’ll learn the skills you need for long-term recovery. During your time in our treatment, you’ll take part in both individual and group addiction therapy programs. When you are surrounded by other recovery-focused peers, you’ll be able to see your struggles from a new perspective. In individual sessions, you’ll begin to work through the underlying causes of addiction, like past trauma or mental health issues, and build healthy coping skills for the future.

Our Addiction Treatment Therapies

Throughout your time in an addiction treatment program, you’ll have opportunities for exercise, recreational outings, and social activities. We understand the important role that your physical well-being plays in your recovery. Depending on the location of your addiction treatment center, you might have access to hiking trails and other local attractions. These trips can help you learn how to enjoy life without drugs or alcohol while bonding with other members of your group. Excercise and outings in nature can help you reduce stress during early recovery.
Not everyone is comfortable sharing their emotions in group settings. Through expressive therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the creative arts and examine your addiction in a nonverbal way. Under the guidance of a therapist, you’ll create visual art, dance, write, make music, or perform in dramas. As part of our holistic addiction treatment therapies, these activities can help you connect with your emotions and express yourself more clearly.
At TruHealing Centers, we strongly believe that group therapy is the foundation of recovery. During group therapy sessions, you’ll build a strong network of support with people who have the same goals as you. With the guidance of a therapist, you’ll work through the root causes of addiction and learn healthy coping skills for the future. At every level of care, from residential detox to outpatient addiction treatment, we incorporate group therapy into our addiction treatment programs.
Many people who struggle with substance abuse have also experienced trauma in the past. During targeted therapy, you can address these past traumas and begin to understand how they may have influenced your use of drugs and alcohol. Our trained, experienced staff can walk you through any difficult emotions you experience while discussing trauma. This type of addiction therapy can help you rebuild your life and develop strategies for lifelong recovery.
One of the addiction treatment therapies we use at TruHealing Centers is motivational interviewing, which helps you understand the steps you need to take to make lasting positive changes in your life. Your therapist will guide you through questions to help you learn what motivates you to change. When you answer honestly, you’ll begin to learn how to use positive affirmations in your recovery.
Addiction affects your entire family. We have seen families experience damage and strain as a result of substance abuse, but we’ve also seen healing through family addiction therapy programs. We are committed to working with every client and their loved ones to set healthy boundaries and deal with family issues head-on. When you enter a treatment program at TruHealing Centers, our addiction specialists will determine whether it is appropriate to reach out to your family. During family therapy sessions, your loved ones will learn how to support and encourage you in your recovery.
For those who are suffering from severe addictions, some medications can assist your early recovery. In our medical detox programs, medications can help you get through painful withdrawal symptoms. In other substance abuse treatment programs, your doctor might incorporate medication in your treatment plan to help you manage cravings. This is just one aspect of our comprehensive addiction treatment therapies that can set you up for lasting success.
Many individuals who struggle with substance abuse also suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health issues. These issues can cause you to turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. We will build your personalized addiction treatment plan around your unique needs and help you overcome your struggles through targeted addiction therapy.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most most widely used and accepted addiction treatment practices. While in the cycle of addiction, your brain’s reward circuits begin to malfunction and respond to difficult situations by deciding to turn to drugs or alcohol. However, through CBT, you can begin to learn healthy coping skills to deal with stress and other triggers. During these addiction therapy sessions, your therapist will help you prepare for future stress and create direct plans of action.
Recovery is a lifelong journey. At TruHealing Centers, our goal is to equip you with healthy coping skills and strategies you need for lasting sobriety. We provide resources for you to use when confronting new stressors out in the world. Through our alumni program, you can stay connected to others in recovery.

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If you have struggled to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, find hope at one of our TruHealing Centers. Through our addiction treatment therapies, you’ll learn how to cope with stress and prepare for the future. At TruHealing Centers, addiction ends and recovery begins. Contact us at 833.641.0572 or by using our secure online form to learn about our locations near you, and find help today.

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