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TruHealing Hagerstown is here to help our community recover. With both a residential and an outpatient center, we offer a continuum of care for individuals in any stage of recovery.

Overview of Treatment Programs in Hagerstown, Maryland

Inpatient Residential Treatment

The goal of this level of care is to provide a safe residential setting and begin the process of therapy. Each client’s care includes clinical groups, case management and individual sessions in a comfortable environment.

Outpatient PHP/IOP Treatment (sub-title)

Outpatient services are available for individuals seeking assessment and support for a substance use concern.

TruHealing Hagerstown’s Mission

Part of our mission is to help every individual who is struggling with substance abuse find the right environment in which to heal.


We offer separate men’s and women’s rehab programs to help every client feel comfortable during treatment. Our centers provide a relaxing environment to help you move through the treatment process. Meals and snacks are provided, with an emphasis on the best ingredients and dishes possible.


Individualized treatment plans are also one of our core values. We believe that every person in our care has unique needs. Addiction is a complex, chronic disease, and healing from it requires working through the underlying causes of substance use. Our therapists, counselors, and case managers work with you every step of the way.


Reach out to TruHealing Hagerstown today at 833.297.4343 to learn more about our mission and how we can help you or a loved one heal.


We provide treatment for alcohol, prescription drug, or opioid addiction. In addition, we offer treatment for process addictions, which could include addictive behavior involving sex or gambling.


Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) with medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol helps many of our clients during the challenging early days of recovery. These FDA-approved medications can curb cravings and relieve painful or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. During an initial assessment, our team will determine if you or your loved one are a good candidate for MAT.


We incorporate a wide variety of therapies into each client’s treatment plan in order to address the underlying causes of addiction. These therapies include group and family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and recreational therapy, as well as treatment for any co-occurring diagnoses. After you leave treatment, our aftercare and alumni programs keep you connected to support and help you maintain your sobriety.


At TruHealing Hagerstown, we also provide convenient access to the greater community, including a local network of recovery-focused organizations. At every level, we treat the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of addiction, connecting you with the resources you need to heal.

Residential Treatment

Our residential treatment location is not a hospital setting. Instead, it is warm, welcoming, and designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and relaxation. We believe this type of environment helps promote healing and recovery.


Newly renovated in 2018, TruHealing Hagerstown’s residential program is equipped with private sleeping areas, group therapy rooms, separate spaces for smaller groups or individual therapy, exercise areas, and a variety of other spaces that support treatment.

Outpatient Treatment

Located in Funkstown, Maryland (just outside of Hagerstown), and about a 5-minute drive from our Inpatient Program, is our Outpatient Program. This program is for individuals stepping down from a more intensive level of treatment, as well as those who don’t require intensive treatment and would prefer to live at home or in sober community housing while receiving care.  This allows clients to practice using the tools they will learn in our care in everyday life, while receiving extra support.

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If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or certain behaviors, you are not alone. With treatment, you can break free from the cycle of addiction. At TruHealing Hagerstown, we provide high-quality residential and outpatient care, so you or your loved one can find healing. Learn more about TruHealing Hagerstown by calling 833.297.4343.


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