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At TruHealing Peachtree City, we understand that every person struggling with addiction is unique. We offer a continuum of outpatient services for individuals stepping down from a more intensive level of treatment, and for those entering recovery who require extra support to help them live a fulfilling sober life.

Overview of Treatment Programs in Peachtree City, Georgia

Partial Hospitalization Program / PHP

Our PHP program is a community-based intensive treatment program. Clients live off-site, in transitional or private housing, and attend treatment for the majority of the day. The goal of this program is to begin adapting coping skills in a partially controlled environment.

Intensive Outpatient /IOP Treatment

Our IOP Program is a great fit for individuals who are decreasing the intensity of their level of care, and for those who are looking to enter treatment from their community. Clients begin to apply the coping skills they learned to stay sober in a group-based modality.

Outpatient /OP Treatment

Outpatient services are available for individuals’ seeking assessment and support for substance use concern.


We provide treatment for addiction to a variety of substances, including alcohol, prescription drugs, illicit substances, and more. Heroin, cocaine, and marijuana addiction treatment programs help you break free from addiction and enter recovery.

Our prescription drug addiction treatment programs provide support for anyone struggling with controlled substances, whether they were prescribed by a doctor or purchased on the street. Opioid addiction treatment provides help for those struggling with synthetic opioids, and opiate addiction treatment can help if you are dealing with abuse of these other common substances.

We also offer treatment for addiction to a range of prescription and non-prescription stimulants, including Adderall rehab programs when needed. If you are struggling with addiction to one or more of these substances, we can help. Reach out and take the first step to recovery today.

Partial Hospitalization Treatment

Our partial hospitalization program is the most intensive level of treatment we offer. While living at home or in a community housing program, you’ll take part in individual and group therapy, wellness classes, and medical care. We understand how important individualized treatment plans are. The most effective treatment takes patients’ individual needs into account. That’s why in our partial hospitalization program, we create a personalized plan as soon as you enter our care.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our IOP program helps you use the tools you learn in treatment to cope with situations and stressors you encounter in early recovery.


Your therapy groups will be a resource on which you can rely. Group members will encounter the same situations, make the same mistakes, and find the same successes as you. Helping those around you have meaningful breakthroughs will help you find the same fulfillment. Along with your group meetings, you will meet with a therapist on an individual basis. These sessions help provide accountability and ensure that you are taking substantial, healthy steps towards recovery.

Outpatient Treatment

In our outpatient addiction treatment program, you will find competent, caring staff. Some of our staff members are in recovery themselves and can deeply understand your struggles. You will also meet others in group therapy sessions who have struggled with addiction, so you can support each other and learn from one another’s experiences. With our vast range of behavioral and complementary addiction treatment therapies, you are sure to find the support you need to stay on track in sobriety.

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If you’re struggling with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or certain behaviors, you are not alone. With treatment, you can break free from the cycle of addiction. At TruHealing Peachtree City, we provide high-quality outpatient care, so you or your loved one can find healing. Learn more about TruHealing Peachtree City by calling 833.649.1073.


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