Coping With Anger in Recovery

TruHealing Centers

Anger, like any emotion, is valid and nothing to be ashamed of. However, it’s an emotion that can feel overwhelming and make us say things we regret. A lot of recovery is about learning to both feel our emotions and respond to them in a healthier way. First, we typically need some distance when we’re […]

TruHealing Riverbend’s August 22nd Open House

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TruHealing Riverbend hosted an open house and ribbon cutting on August 22nd and it was an incredible time! Attendees toured the facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana and learned about our programs. Our staff really enjoyed showing off the new space and connecting with our community. TruHealing Riverbend is a Joint Commission Accredited addiction and mental health […]

A Conversation With Journalist and Author David Adam About OCD


I spoke with journalist and author David Adam over Zoom about the hurdles to OCD treatment, depictions of the disorder in the media, and how people experiencing it can feel less alone. David Adam is an award-winning freelance journalist and author of the best-selling book about OCD, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop. I’ve had OCD since […]

Empathy in Recovery During COVID-19

Empathy It’s challenging for people in active addiction to feel empathy. When you are hyper-focused on a substance—and your brain responds by flooding you with dopamine—other people’s needs fade to the background. But helping others also releases Dopamine in the brain, according to numerous studies. Dopamine—and the brain’s reward system that produces it—gets hijacked by addiction. [...]

TruHealing to Attend Lowcountry Mental Health Conference


Tomorrow, TruHealing staff members will be attending the Lowcountry Mental Health Conference! This is an annual conference that began in 2012 with 180 people and has since expanded to over 1,600 attendees.   At the Lowcountry Mental Health Conference, prominent healthcare professionals give educational talks to help people working in the mental health field grow […]

On Neurodiversity, Neurodivergence, and Mental Health Disorders

The term “neurodiversity” means that differences in our brains are just that—differences, not deficits—and that variation in the way each person thinks is to be expected. It was first coined in 1997 by Judy Singer, a sociologist, author, international speaker, and autism advocate who describes herself as being “in the middle of three generations of […]

The Importance of Trauma-Focused Care in Treatment


Many times, the person being treated for addiction is confused about the root causes of their disorder. Some surveys suggest that trauma could be responsible for most substance abuse. For this reason, trauma-focused care is now at the forefront of treatment programs and is of vital importance in any treatment plan for substance abuse or […]

Can Obsessive Thinking Impact Addiction?

If you’re having obsessive thoughts, it can be more than just distracting. Obsessive thinking can become one of the causes of addiction because if you aren’t able to gain control over the distressing thoughts and images flowing into your head, you may find yourself turning to substances to quiet your mind. At TruHealing Centers, our […]

Attachment Theory and Addiction

Attachment theory describes how people approach relationships. A child’s relationship with their caregivers plays a large role in how they relate later in life. However, it’s possible to start healing from an attachment style that is causing distress at any time. This typically takes building healthier relationships and doing inner work. The attachment types are […]

What Is Anhedonia?

Anhedonia is defined as the inability to feel pleasure while partaking in pleasurable activities. Anhedonia is linked to several mental disorders and is considered one of the core features of depression. If you see signs that you or your loved one no longer feels pleasure, even while doing the activities, hobbies, and having the experiences […]