Am I Addicted to Steroids?

Am I Addicted to Steroids

Steroids are a common part of life, as they are used by athletes and other people looking to enhance muscle mass and reduce recovery. Steroids are increasingly common among people looking to improve fitness and physical appearance. Unfortunately, steroids can be highly addictive and harmful to overall health. Knowing the signs and symptoms of steroid […]

In the Spotlight: Nate Kehlmeier

Nate Kehlmeier is the Senior Business Development Representative at Midwest Recovery Center in Toledo, Ohio. He grew up in Genoa, Ohio, where he began using drugs at an early age. Kehlmeier found himself in and out of treatment centers and in trouble with the law. He finally surrendered on January 18, 2008. After a traumatic [...]

How Can an Outpatient Rehab Program Help Me?

How Can an Outpatient Rehab Program Help Me

If you are searching for answers about addiction treatment and would like help with your substance use disorder, congratulations on taking this important step toward wellness. As overwhelming as all the information about rehab options can be, the fact that there are so many options is also something to be grateful for. A common question, […]

In the Spotlight: Paul Waters’ Recovery Story

Paul Waters is the Executive Director of Inpatient Services for Midwest Detox Center in Maumee, Ohio. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Waters has a wealth of both professional and personal experience in substance use recovery. He’s worked in the field since 1981, and has been sober since 1979. “I was strictly an alcoholic,” he said. “On [...]

What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

If you are considering addiction treatment in a program like those offered by TruHealing Centers, you probably have come across the term “dual diagnosis treatment.” Today, medical science has a better understanding of substance abuse disorders. There is a direct connection between substance abuse and mental health issues. Dual diagnosis treatment is a method of […]

Comparisons Have No Place in Recovery

We tend to take our cues about how to act from other people. It’s human to occasionally compare yourself to others. But if you find that you’re doing it frequently regarding your recovery, you might want to pivot your attention. Recovery is so unique to the individual that comparisons are futile—and ultimately detrimental. How Does […]

In The Spotlight: Edward Cutcher’s Recovery Story

Edward Cutcher is the Executive Director of Outpatient Services at Midwest Recovery Center in Toledo, Ohio. With more than 14 years of sobriety under his belt, Cutcher has both the book smarts and lived experience to adequately run a substance use disorder treatment center. He’s earned three degrees: an Associates in substance abuse treatment and [...]

Star-Studded Addictions: Lily Allen

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This July, the singer Lily Allen commemorated a year sober with an Instagram post containing several pictures of her. In the first few, she looks happily sober; in the last, she is visibly intoxicated and seems miserable. Allen has been very open about her struggles with alcohol and drugs, even before she got sober. In […]

Star-Studded Addictions: Samuel L. Jackson

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The actor Samuel L. Jackson got his breakout role in the 1991 Spike Lee movie Jungle Fever weeks after leaving addiction treatment. He went into treatment after his wife LaTanya and then-8-year-old daughter Zoe found him passed out drunk in their kitchen, in the process of cooking cocaine.   Jackson said, “I drank and used […]