Maryland Drug and Alcohol Detox 

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Maryland Drug and Alcohol Detox 

One of the most challenging decisions someone can make is to enter drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Most people will first have to face a detoxification period to start treatment. This is where they stop taking drugs or drinking and let their bodies adjust to being without any substances. 


The detox process can cause severe withdrawal symptoms ranging from mild to uncomfortable to potentially fatal.

Choosing a Maryland Detox Program

Don’t let the number of drug and alcohol detox treatment programs in Maryland stop you from picking one and starting your recovery. Here are some selection criteria to help you narrow down your options: 


  • Facility Accreditation – Is the drug detox center accredited by an official organization such as the Joint Commission (JCAHO) or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF)? 
  • Memberships and Certifications – Is the drug and alcohol detox center maintaining a membership with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) or have a LegitScript certification? 
  • Previous Client Testimonials – Dig through some Google and Facebook reviews online. Are previous clients saying good or bad things about their experience? 
  • Licensed Staff – Is the treatment team staff qualified to provide the treatment?


Not every center will have each of these things, but they are a good baseline to determine a quality detox program from ones that are not as good. 

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Detox and Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Shortly after starting your detox program, you will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms. Common withdrawal symptoms include: 


  • changes in appetite 
  • mood swings and irritability
  • fatigue 
  • trouble sleeping 
  • excessive sweating 
  • nausea and vomiting 
  • tremors and shakes


The symptoms experienced during withdrawal vary by person and substance of abuse. Typically, more severe withdrawal symptoms occur when someone has been misusing one or a combination of the following substances: 


  • alcohol 
  • opioids and prescription opioids 
  • benzodiazepines 
  • prescription sleeping medications (z-drugs) 
  • heroin 
  • fentanyl 
  • barbiturates

Maryland Alcohol and Drug Detox Program Types

No two detox programs are created equal. Some detox programs types you may encounter in Pennsylvania may include: 


  • alcohol detox 
  • opioid detox 
  • prescription drug detox 
  • heroin detox 
  • men’s detox programs 
  • women’s detox programs 
  • and more 


If you suspect that there is also a co-occurring mental health disorder at play, be open about it when enrolling in treatment. Most quality detox programs will do a mental health screening and review your mental health history as a part of the admissions process. 

Detox Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Do I need a drug and alcohol detox program?

A: The answer to this depends on a few things. For example, if you’ve tried and failed to quit a substance in the past because of the painful withdrawal symptoms, a detox program could help you achieve your sobriety goals. 


Q: Are there benefits to enrolling in a detox program? 

A: There are tons of benefits to enrolling in a drug and alcohol detox program, including: 


  • medical supervision 
  • increased personal safety 
  • increased chance of successful recovery 
  • medication-assisted treatments (MAT) 

Q: What happens after a drug detox?

A: After detox, most people will be referred to further treatment programs such as residential or outpatient treatment programs. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Rehab Program in Maryland

At the Baltimore Detox Center, we aim to help everyone reach freedom from substance abuse regardless of their background. We help you detox from drugs and alcohol in a safe environment. It can be dangerous and even deadly to stop taking substances on your own suddenly. Call our detox helpline at (833) 641-0572 24/7.

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