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What to Know About Opiate Detox

Humans have used opiates for millennia. Archeological evidence shows the effects of opium were understood and utilized in ancient Mesopotamia. However, addiction was not clearly understood until relatively recently in human history. We had opiates long before anyone thought about opiate detox or how to manage our complex relationship with them. What we are all well aware of is that when you stop using opiates after having consumed them steadily for more than a few days, withdrawal symptoms will come. Both the euphoric high and the fear of the wretched experience of unmedicated opioid withdrawal are powerful motivators. Sometimes they even motivate people to steal or lie or abandon important responsibilities or hurt the people they love.

But they also motivate them to go to an opiate detox to get the help they need. Opiate withdrawal is among the most unpleasant forms of withdrawal in the world of substance abuse. While it is rarely fatal the way seizures from alcohol withdrawal can be, it is intensely uncomfortable both physically and mentally. It’s completely understandable that people will do almost anything to avoid the experience. Some people attempt a home detox from opioids, but this rarely goes as planned. Sometimes they may try to offset opiate withdrawal with over-the-counter medicines, “home remedies”, marijuana or benzodiazepines. People attempting to detox off opiates at home may get hold of some Suboxone either legally or otherwise but lacking medical expertise they often take it too soon and throw themselves into what is called “precipitated withdrawal”. That, of course, defeats the purpose of the opiate detox.


Advantages of Opiate Detox at TruHealing Centers:

  • The safety and security of 24-hour detox nurses on duty for observation.
  • Medications to ensure clients are able to sleep and rest comfortably.
  • Counseling and therapy are available as soon as the client is willing and ready.
  • Careful detox protocol prevents most withdrawal symptoms before they can occur.
  • Additional addiction treatment is available at TruHealing Centers for continuity of care.

Why Opiate Detox is the Right Decision

The bottom line is this, a clinical detox from opiates is sometimes medically necessary. Even in situations where it is not, an inpatient medical detox off opiate is by far the preferred option. TruHealing Centers has considerable experience in detoxing people from opiates at our facilities. For the sake of safety as well as comfort, a medically supervised detox is almost always the best course of action. The reasons why are simple. When a client is in a top tier opiate detox like TruHealing Atlanta, they benefit from 24-hour a day medical supervision, every day. Not only do they receive a carefully devised opiate detox protocol, but clinical staff are on hand to respond to any development, first hand. Having trouble sleeping? Feeling achy or anxious perhaps? A detox nurse can adjust, add or subtract medications to help you get restful sleep or alleviate pain or anxiety.


There’s simply no way to replicate the carefully developed opiate detox protocols we us at TruHealing Centers in a home environment. Here’s what we know:  Attending an inpatient opiate detox mitigates withdrawal symptoms. It is the safest and most comfortable method to beat opiate addiction. What we also know is that attending a treatment program for opiate addiction after opiate detox dramatically improves your chances of remaining sober long term. We all want the best possible odds for long term recovery for ourselves and our loved ones. This is why TruHealing Centers offers a full continuum of care through most of our locations. We’re here to help you take your recovery all the way and we provide the support that’s needed after treatment to stay on track through our aftercare and alumni programs.

The Difference between Opioids and Opiates

The terms opioid and opiate are sometimes used interchangeably, but they have slightly different definitions. As one of the countries leaving addiction treatment providers, TruHealing Centers has a responsibility to educate and further understanding about addiction. Part of this entails clearly defining terms. Here is some clarification on the meaning of these two terms:


  • Opioid includes any drug which binds to the brain’s opioid receptors creating an effect.
  • Opioids may be derived from opium poppy products or synthesized in a laboratory.
  • The term opiates refers only to those opioids which are naturally derived from the poppy.
  • Examples of opiates include opium, morphine, codeine and heroin.
  • Synthetic opioids like fentanyl and semi-synthetics like oxycodone are opioids, but not opiates.

Opiate Detox at TruHealing Centers

The opiate detox and addiction treatment at TruHealing Centers is designed to help you or your loved one put their best foot forward. The detox process is the beginning of recovery. Clearing the body of opiates and other intoxicants and stabilizing the client. This prepares the person for the deeper therapeutic work of recovery which will help them stay drug-free for the long term. TruHealing Centers addiction treatment identifies core issues and applies practical and effective solutions.

But addiction affects more than the person seeking treatment. It also impacts our loved ones. This is why we emphasize the importance of family and social involvement in recovery. Clients at our medical detox facilities receive the highest standard of care available with 24-hour medical supervision and attention to everything from nutritional needs to psychological well-being. TruHealing Centers is more than a healthcare provider. We’re a partner for recovery. We are ready to give you or your loved one everything they need for successful recovery. All that’s needed to begin is enough willingness to try.

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