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Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Addiction

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is used to treat the physical symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal. It is used in combination with other treatment therapies like behavioral health therapies and counseling. 

MAT treatments can also help relieve cravings and some psychological symptoms to provide a “whole-client” treatment approach. 

How Effective is MAT Treatment?

About 2 million people had an opioid use disorder (including prescription pain medication containing opiates and heroin,) in 2018.

MAT has proved to be clinically effective for these individuals. MAT provides a comprehensive, individually tailored addiction treatment program.

The ultimate goal of MAT is full recovery, including the ability to live a self-directed life. This treatment approach has been shown to:


  • Increase client survival rates
  • Improve treatment retention rates
  • Decrease illegal opiate misuse and other criminal activity 
  • Increase someone’s ability to gain and maintain employment
  • Improve birth outcomes for women with substance use disorders and are pregnant


Research also shows that MAT medications and therapies can contribute to lowering a person’s risk of contracting HIV or hepatitis C by reducing the potential for relapse. 

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MAT Medications

Though it started primarily as part of an opioid addiction treatment plan, MAT treatment is now used for alcohol use disorders and opioid overdose prevention medications. 


Medications used in MAT protocols do not simply replace one substance for another but instead work to prevent cravings caused by imbalances in the body from substance abuse. 

Alcohol Use Disorder Medications

The most common medications used to treat alcohol use disorder, include: 


  • acamprosate
  • disulfiram
  • naltrexone 


These drugs don’t provide a cure for addiction, but are effective for people who participate in a MAT program and have access to other treatment types.

Opioid Overdose Prevention Medications

Naloxone is the MAT medication used to prevent opioid overdose. It works by reversing the toxic effects of the overdose and has saved many lives since it was released in 2015.

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MAT medications are administered and prescribed as a part of a comprehensive substance abuse treatment program like the treatment you’ll find a TruHealing Centers. We have detox and addiction treatment facilities in multiple states. 


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