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Holistic Mental Health Treatment

A holistic treatment approach to mental health treatment puts the person, not their diagnosis, at the center of a treatment plan. A holistic treatment looks at the whole person by addressing all the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. 


Medications are typically avoided, when possible, during holistic treatment. When medications are used, they are paired with various therapeutic activities to help stabilize the mind and body.

Holistic Mental Health Treatment Types 

Modalities of holistic mental health treatment programs usually involve talk therapy, group therapy, mindfulness, and art therapy. 

Talk Therapy: Clients will meet with a therapist one-on-one. During these sessions, they will discuss any concerns, mental health symptoms, and behaviors. With time, talk therapy helps ease emotional and mental health symptoms and resolve personal issues with professional support. 

Group Therapy: In group therapy sessions, individuals get feedback and support from a therapist and peers with similar conditions. Group therapy can help people realize they are not alone in their struggles with mental health. 

Art Therapy: Art therapy is a non-verbal expression where people can explore their mental health through a different lens. Clients may paint, journal, or draw to bring light and deeper understanding to their condition. 

Mindfulness: Mindfulness helps build awareness of a mental health condition and become more present in the moment. Through mindfulness, people create intentions of self-awareness, a deeper understanding of their emotions and bodily sensations, and shape their attitude to work through their issues without judgment. 

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Benefits of Holistic Mental Health Treatment

Instead of focusing on physical symptoms like traditional treatment, holistic mental health activities like that above help improve someone’s overall well-being. 


Research has noted that holistic treatment for mental health can improve health outcomes by:

  • relieving psychological distress and pain 
  • improving medication adherence 
  • developing better family relationships 


Holistic practices lead to improvements across the board in physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health. While medications can help the brain function better after the stress of chemical changes caused by a mental health disorder so people can understand what’s going on within themselves. Combined, these treatments address the whole person.

Finding Holistic Mental Health Treatment

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