Toledo (Maumee), OH Drug & Alcohol Detox

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Toledo (Maumee), OH Drug & Alcohol Detox

Stabilize your body and mind with our proven inpatient detox program offered at four facilities in Maumee, Ohio. The Toledo (Maumee) Detox Center provides seamless alcohol and drug detox treatment services in Ohio.

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TruHealing Ohio Detox Centers

Ohio Detox Center – 1757 Indian Wood Circle Maumee, OH 43537

Midwest Detox Center – 1757 Indian Wood Circle Maumee, OH 43537

Ohio Detox Center (residential building) – 1760 Manley Road Maumee, OH 43537

Midwest Detox Center – 1760 Manley Road Maumee, OH 43537


Our Ohio Detox Centers are grouped to have the best bed-to-clinician ratio for quality detox services. 

Substance use disorders don’t stand a chance when we work together to get you the help needed to build an unbreakable recovery foundation. 


We work with our patients, getting to know their medical and substance abuse histories to develop individualized detox treatment plans. Our detox plans consider all behavioral and mental health needs to provide the best care possible.


Our Ohio Detox Centers provide residential detox programs for all kinds of substance use disorders (SUD). Our sister rehab centers (located in Toledo, Ohio) offer additional treatment programs so you can seamlessly continue your recovery. 

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Inpatient Detox Program Benefits

Personalized, residential detox programs effectively remove potential stressors that can cause someone to turn to substance abuse. Someone with a substance use disorder will likely experience a relapse during early recovery and detox. Participating fully in an inpatient detox program can build an accountability structure to stop the addiction cycle and finally allow you to heal.

About The Ohio Detox Centers

You will never receive one-size-fits-all care at our Ohio Detox Centers. Our detox treatment programs help people and their families in our community rebuild after addiction. Our Ohio Detox Centers were inspired by recovering individuals passionate about fighting the substance abuse epidemic in their community. Frustrated by a lack of recovery resources, they built the Ohio Detox Centers to provide quality care covered by the Ohio Medicaid Program. 


Don’t go it alone against your substance abuse issues. We promise to advocate for you throughout the recovery process. Together we’ll address any legal, financial, professional, or other issues you may be dealing with during recovery. 

Insurance & Payment

The Ohio Detox Centers are in-network for most commercial insurance carriers in Ohio. We also accept Ohio Medicaid Insurance. We are here to ensure anyone who needs our help gets it, regardless of their insurance status.

What to Expect at Maumee, OH Detox Centers

Detoxing from substances is mentally and physically challenging. But our multidisciplinary treatment approach will help combat the most severe withdrawal symptoms. We are here to help you rebuild your life. 


Withdrawal symptoms happen when someone abuses one or more of the following: 


  • alcohol
  • opioids
  • painkillers
  • benzodiazepines 
  • barbiturates
  • prescription medications 
  • sleeping pills (z-drugs)


To help you combat any withdrawal symptoms you may encounter, you can access medication-assisted treatment at the Ohio Detox Centers. 

Behavioral Health Therapies

At the Ohio Detox Centers, we provide every level of care possible, including behavioral health therapies. During your stay with us, you will have access to the following: 


  • Group Therapy: used to increase social skills and allow patients to explore the Toledo area and all its therapeutic activities, including the Maumee River and the Toledo Botanical Gardens. 


  • Expressive Therapy: also referred to as art therapy, we use this as part of your personalized treatment plan. Guided by your therapist, groups will explore their art. This non-verbal expression can help you explore your addiction issues through a new lens. 


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a standard tool used in addiction treatment. The reward circuit is often hijacked when someone abuses drugs or alcohol. The longer the abuse goes on, the more normalized this behavior pattern becomes. To break the pattern, CBT educates individuals on how to break old patterns through recognition and make a new choice. 


  • Trauma-Focused Therapy: Trauma and addiction often go hand in hand. With the ability to address unresolved trauma issues head-on, individuals can finally recover. 


  • Motivational Interviewing (MI): This therapeutic modality encourages people to examine where they can take steps towards making a positive change. Based on positive affirmations, MI allows you to take small steps towards regaining control over your life with the support of the group and your therapist. Motivational Interviewing will focus on your strengths and what motivates you to act the way you do. 


  • Family Therapy: It’s well known that addiction is a family disease. At the Ohio Detox Center, we believe in addressing addiction at its root cause. Often this involves bringing in family members to help establish healthy boundaries and dealing with any family issues that need to be worked on. 


Detox and Addiction Treatment Programs in Ohio

The Ohio Detox Centers treat drug use disorders and mental health disorders. Our team’s ability to address physical and mental issues allows you to build a solid recovery foundation.


Ohio Detox Centers’ treatment programs include: 


  • men’s inpatient detox 
  • women’s inpatient detox 
  • healing environment
  • medical care 
  • intensive therapy plan
  • aftercare planning 
  • case management 
  • relapse prevention 

Finding Inpatient Detox in Toledo (Maumee), Ohio

Looking for treatment in the Toledo area? Our detox centers are here to help! The Ohio Detox Center teams are here to support you or your loved one every step of the way. We provide evidence-based, multidisciplinary drug and alcohol detox treatment. Call a treatment specialist at (833) 641-0572 or reach out online.

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