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Bethlehem, PA Drug & Alcohol Detox

Together, we can recover from substance abuse. The Bethlehem Detox Center provides drug and alcohol detox treatment services with a difference to those who need it most. 


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At the Bethlehem Detox Center, people struggling with a substance use disorder will find the help they need to build a strong foundation for recovery. 


We work with you to develop a detox treatment plan for your behavioral and mental health needs to provide the best chance at a long-lasting recovery. 


The Bethlehem Detox Center offers residential drug and alcohol detox programs. Our sister rehab centers (located in Maryland) provide inpatient treatment, mental health treatment, and outpatient programs to help you through recovery. 

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Benefits of Inpatient Detox

One of the best ways to remove daily stressors that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse is with an inpatient detox program. Detoxing is often when you’re most vulnerable to relapse. And participating in a live-in detox program helps to stop the cycle of addiction in its track so you can finally get well. 


Our team consists of professional individuals who will offer structure and routine you can use to help rebuild your life without abusing alcohol or drugs. 

About Bethlehem Detox Center

Long-term recovery is our ultimate goal for each of our patients. Bethlehem Detox Center aims to help individuals and families in our Pennsylvania community rebuild after recovering from substance abuse and mental health disorders. 


We’ll advocate for you through the whole recovery process. With the goal to help you avoid the pitfalls many face during the start of recovery. Drug and alcohol addiction recovery is nearly impossible to do alone. We will work with you on every level to help address any legal, financial, professional, or other issues you may be dealing with or that come to light suring your treatment.

About Bethlehem Detox Center

The Bethlehem Detox Center is in-network for most major insurance carriers in Pennsylvania and across the United States. No matter what your insurance coverage, our team is committed to helping you find the right addiction treatment plan that works for your current financial circumstances.

Pennsylvania Detox Center: What to Expect

All alcohol and drug recovery starts with a detox. It is an essential first step to removing any substances from the body. The alcohol and drug detox program at Bethlehem Detox begins with a personalized detox treatment plan. Our team of licensed professional therapists, behavioral health techs, and a 24/7 nursing staff will ensure you’re well taken care of as you go through the detox process.  


Detox can be mentally and physically challenging. Withdrawal symptoms will likely occur when someone abuses one or more of the following: 


  • alcohol
  • opioids
  • painkillers
  • benzodiazepines 
  • barbiturates
  • prescription medications 
  • sleeping pills (z-drugs)


When detoxing from stimulants like cocaine, the physical symptoms may be milder but severe psychological symptoms can still happen. Mental health issues can be very difficult to cope with when isolated or trying to detox alone. An inpatient medical detox program can provide the necessary guidance to come off of substances safely and for good. 


The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Detox Center also provides mental health treatment programs for those with co-occurring mental health disorders such as major depression, general anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. 

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What Happens After Detox?

After completing your personalized detox plan at the Bethlehem Detox Center, a personalized aftercare plan will be designed for you before you leave. Most aftercare plans include referrals to additional levels of care to aid in your addiction recovery.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Georgia

The Bethlehem  Detox Center treats a wide range of substance use disorders and mental health disorders. Our ability to properly address both substance abuse and mental health issues allows us to help you build a solid foundation.


For those with a primary mental health diagnosis, we also provide inpatient mental health treatment. 


Bethlehem Detox Center’s drug and alcohol treatment programs include: 


  • men’s detox 
  • women’s detox 
  • alcohol detox 
  • drug detox 
  • heroin detox 
  • alcohol addiction treatment 
  • drug addiction treatment
  • alumni program
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When Addiction Ends, Recovery Begins

If you’re done letting substance abuse tear you down, we’re here for you now. The Bethlehem Detox Center team will support you or your loved one every step of the way. We provide quality, evidence-based detox treatment that works. Call an admission specialist today! (833) 641-0572  or reach out online.

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