woman struggling with addictive behaviors

How to Identify Addictive Behaviors in a Loved One

Seeing an addiction in loved ones can make you feel helpless. This is because addictive behaviors come with a myriad of negative physical, emotional, behavioral, and social consequences not just for the person who is using but also for their friends and family members. If you notice signs of addiction in loved ones, now is…

woman participating in holistic therapy

How Can Holistic Therapy Help in Addiction Treatment?

Some people still consider holistic therapy an alternative approach to help clients recover from a substance use disorder. However, many addiction treatment professionals now recognize the benefits of a holistic therapy program. This is because it is now clear that holistic healing is effective for treating addiction, especially to substances such as opiates, benzos, and…

individual working towards long-term sobriety

3 Steps Towards Achieving Long-Term Sobriety

You may want to get sober for a variety of reasons, from regaining your physical health to repairing your most important relationships, but the ultimate goal of addiction recovery is long-term sobriety. There are many strategies and techniques used to achieve long-term sobriety goals, including the ongoing support of an alumni program. Reach out to…


Attachment Theory and Addiction

Attachment theory describes how people approach relationships. A child’s relationship with their caregivers plays a large role in how they relate later in life. However, it’s possible to start healing from an attachment style that is causing distress at any time. This typically takes building healthier relationships and doing inner work. The attachment types are…


A Conversation About Boundaries and Recovery With Author Pixie Lighthorse

I spoke with author Pixie Lighthorse about her book Boundaries and Protection. Specifically, we discussed boundaries as they relate to addiction, recovery, and codependence. Boundaries and Protection is an incredible resource for anyone who is trying to figure out, as Lighthorse put it, “’Where do I end and the loved one in my life begin,…


Mindfulness and Recovery

One thing many of us in recovery struggle with is presence. It’s almost impossible to be present during active addiction, as intoxication separates you from your feelings, and addiction changes the brain to make you hyper-focused on the substance. But even in recovery, our instinct may be to try other ways to escape our emotions…