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Over 40 million people in the U.S. struggle with substance abuse of some kind, and in 2018, over 67,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. If you or a loved one is impacted by substance abuse, you know how serious this epidemic is. Substance abuse can cause damage to relationships, finances, employment, and physical health. Long-term drug use changes the chemistry in your brain, making you dependent on the substance to get through each day. The cycle of addiction can feel endless. However, with the help of a drug addiction treatment center, you can find hope for the future. At TruHealing Centers, we’ll help you break free from addiction and learn how to enjoy life without drugs or alcohol.


At our drug addiction treatment centers across the country, our addiction specialists will help you understand the underlying causes of addiction. We offer both residential detox and outpatient drug addiction treatment programs at our recovery centers. Our goal is to provide resources and support while you begin your journey to recovery.

Should I Consider a Drug Addiction Treatment Program?

You might be unsure if you need professional help at a drug rehab center. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse provides clear guidelines for what constitutes substance abuse. There are some questions to determine whether a drug addiction treatment program at an Amatus Recovery Center would help you or your loved one. Honestly ask yourself:

  • Do you often use drugs in larger amounts or for longer periods of time than you intended?
  • Have you tried to stop using or cut back on your drug use but have been unsuccessful?
  • Do you spend a significant amount of time obtaining, using, and recovering from drugs?
  • Have you experienced cravings for drugs while not using? 
  • Have responsibilities at work, school, or home gone unfulfilled due to drug use?
  • Are you continuing to use drugs despite the negative effects on your personal or professional life?
  • Have you used drugs in dangerous situations, like driving a car or operating machinery?
  • Do you continue to use drugs despite their effect on your physical or mental health?

If you can answer yes to one or more of these questions, you should consider a drug addiction treatment program at TruHealing Centers. Early intervention for substance abuse leads to better long-term outcomes. Therefore, receiving treatment at a drug rehab before you develop a more severe addiction can help you achieve lasting recovery.

What to Expect at Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Upon entering a drug rehab program at an Amatus Recovery Center, you’ll go through a thorough a series of assessments led by our addiction specialists. Each individual in our care receives a personalized treatment plan that targets their unique needs. Some people who struggle with substance abuse also have mental health issues that can play a role in their use of drugs and alcohol. Our drug addiction treatment programs can help you heal from the damaging effects of drug use and build healthy coping skills for the future.


We use a combination of holistic approaches and evidence-based therapies in our treatment plans because we understand the link between physical health and your recovery. Some of the therapies we use at our drug addiction treatment centers include:


  • Recreational therapy
  • Expressive therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Trauma-focused treatment
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Family therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dual diagnosis (if you are suffering from mental issues that affect your addiction)


You’ll also be assigned a case manager during your time at an Amatus Recovery Center. They will act as your advocate and help you work through the legal, professional, or financial issues that might have hindered your recovery. Our team can assist you with applying for Medicaid or Medicare, accessing food stamps or other support, receiving financial aid to return to school, and finding the best insurance providers.

Begin to Heal with Drug Addiction Treatment at TruHealing Centers

If you’re battling substance abuse, you can find help at TruHealing Centers. Our addiction treatment center locations across the country will provide you with high-quality care in comfortable, safe environments. Through therapy and wellness education, you’ll learn the tools and strategies you need for lifelong recovery. When you’re ready to rebuild your life, reach out to TruHealing Centers. We have drug rehab programs in the following locations:

  • TruHealing Atlanta (formerly Atlanta Detox Center): A residential addiction treatment program and medical detox center in Riverdale, GA.
  • TruHealing Peachtree City (formerly Georgia Addiction Treatment Center): An outpatient addiction treatment center in Peachtree City, GA, just south of Atlanta.
North Carolina
  • TruHealing High Point: An outpatient addiction treatment center in High Point, NC.
  • TruHealing Reidsville: An outpatient addiction treatment center in Reidsville, NC.
  • TruHealing Hagerstown: (formerly Awakenings Recovery Center): A residential addiction treatment center in Hagerstown and an outpatient treatment center in Funkstown. Funkstown is on the outskirts of Hagerstown, a few minutes away.
  • TruHealing Baltimore: (formerly Foundations Recovery Center): An inpatient and outpatient detox center in Baltimore, MD.
  • TruHealing Gaithersburg: (formerly Fresh Start): An outpatient addiction treatment center in Gaithersburg, MD.
New Hampshire


We can connect you with the right drug addiction treatment center near you. Contact us at 833.641.0572 or use our secure online form, and take the first step in recovery today.

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