Why It’s Important to Address Underlying Issues in Recovery

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Addiction is a complex condition wherein chronically using substances changes the brain. But even before we start using substances, there are almost always underlying issues. The core reasons we are drawn to drugs or alcohol in the first place are complex; they vary by person, and when we do the work in recovery, we often […]

3 Ways to Enjoy a Sober Valentine’s Day

Before even knowing what alcohol is, we formed a subconscious link between alcohol and celebrating. As children, we watched our parents having a good time with friends over the holidays drinking and celebrating. For men and women who struggle with addiction, the holidays can be an especially challenging time. If you are newly sober, you […]

Can Obsessive Thinking Impact Addiction?

If you’re having obsessive thoughts, it can be more than just distracting. Obsessive thinking can become one of the causes of addiction because if you aren’t able to gain control over the distressing thoughts and images flowing into your head, you may find yourself turning to substances to quiet your mind. At TruHealing Centers, our […]

How to Identify Addictive Behaviors in a Loved One

Seeing an addiction in loved ones can make you feel helpless. This is because addictive behaviors come with a myriad of negative physical, emotional, behavioral, and social consequences not just for the person who is using but also for their friends and family members. If you notice signs of addiction in loved ones, now is […]

How Can Holistic Therapy Help in Addiction Treatment?

Some people still consider holistic therapy an alternative approach to help clients recover from a substance use disorder. However, many addiction treatment professionals now recognize the benefits of a holistic therapy program. This is because it is now clear that holistic healing is effective for treating addiction, especially to substances such as opiates, benzos, and […]