Dangers of Alcohol Abuse Around Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the type of holiday that some people dread. For some, it means a fancy dinner and drinks. For others, it means wondering what went wrong with a past relationship or why they don’t have someone special in their life. This can lead to alcohol abuse. That’s especially true if a person already […]

3 Serious Dangers of Binge Drinking

Binge drinking isn’t something that’s acceptable to do on the weekends. It can create a number of health risks the first time you engage in it. Over time, the more you drink, the higher your risks become. Understanding binge drinking dangers is important for anyone that engages in routine alcohol use. For some, it can […]

3 Ways Stress Leads to Alcoholism


Stress is a part of everyday life for many people. Sometimes, we can learn to push that stress away and focus on what needs to be accomplished. Other times, it does not get better. That’s when alcohol abuse begins. Alcohol dependence and alcoholism can occur at this point, putting you at risk for many more […]

Importance Of National Impaired Driving Prevention Month


December is a holiday season where many Americans celebrate by going out for fun, hosting parties, and joining friends and family to drink. Also, it is a time where the number of individuals getting behind the wheel impaired by alcohol and drugs is significantly high. That’s why since 1981, every president of the U.S. has […]

Tropicana Campaign Promotes Drinking to Cope With Parenting Stress


Tropicana, the brand most known for its orange juice, recently apologized for a campaign that suggested parents drink to cope with pandemic stress. The campaign encouraged parents to have a “mimoment”—time to themselves where they drink a mimosa—by stashing a mini-fridge of Tropicana and champagne somewhere private. (How is popping open a bottle of champagne […]

Reasons Behind Men and Alcohol Addiction


One of the reasons why gender-specific treatment exists for addiction is that men and women become addicted to alcohol for different reasons. A men’s rehab program focuses on the factors of alcohol use disorder that are specific to men. Treatment is designed to explore the root causes of the condition and find a treatment plan […]

The Connection Between Women and Alcohol Abuse


Women abuse alcohol for reasons that are distinctly different from men. Even in areas where men and women drink excessively for the same reason, the relationship between women and alcohol abuse looks different from the relationship between men and abuse. For this reason, alcohol addiction treatment centers offer a women’s rehab program that meets the […]

How to Stop Drinking

how to stop drinking

Alcohol addiction is a massive problem across the country. For example, in 2017, an estimated 220 million Americans admitted to having tasted alcohol in their lifetime. It’s critical for enhanced overall wellness to understand how to stop drinking as the process can have several uncomfortable withdrawal effects.  Alcoholism is a severe disease, so quitting requires […]

The (Sometimes Surprising) Health Benefits of Long-Term Sobriety

Recovery health benefits scaled 1 When I was in active alcoholism, I couldn’t be in a room with an animal without needing an inhaler. Now, I have a cat. Alcohol was exacerbating my once-mild allergies. Starting six months into being sober, I was able to be around animals and have no noticeable symptoms. For years now, I’ve been able to [...]