Podcasts About Addiction, Sobriety and Mental Health

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Podcasts about addiction and recovery are useful for people in any stage of sobriety or anyone who wants to learn about addiction. They teach about recovery, and give insight into other people’s experiences. We’ve previously shared some podcasts about these topics; below are some additional suggestions: Brutal Vulnerability: This podcast is not solely about addiction or mental health, […]

A Conversation With Journalist and Author David Adam About OCD

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I spoke with journalist and author David Adam over Zoom about the hurdles to OCD treatment, depictions of the disorder in the media, and how people experiencing it can feel less alone. David Adam is an award-winning freelance journalist and author of the best-selling book about OCD, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop. I’ve had OCD since […]

TruHealing to Attend Lowcountry Mental Health Conference


Tomorrow, TruHealing staff members will be attending the Lowcountry Mental Health Conference! This is an annual conference that began in 2012 with 180 people and has since expanded to over 1,600 attendees.   At the Lowcountry Mental Health Conference, prominent healthcare professionals give educational talks to help people working in the mental health field grow […]

What Is Anhedonia?

Anhedonia is defined as the inability to feel pleasure while partaking in pleasurable activities. Anhedonia is linked to several mental disorders and is considered one of the core features of depression. If you see signs that you or your loved one no longer feels pleasure, even while doing the activities, hobbies, and having the experiences […]

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is our psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Everyone has mental health, even those who don’t have mental health disorders. It is a broad term to refer to how we think, feel, and relate to others. Mental health can change over time, and a person can experience poor mental health without having a mental […]

Winter in Recovery

For some people, winter can be a hard time in recovery. Besides the holidays—which can be stressful—the days getting shorter and darker can be hard. Everything about winter feels slower, so finding motivation to make changes can be a challenge. However, there are a lot of benefits to getting—or just being—sober in the winter. While […]

What is Social Skills Training?

Social skills training is a type of therapy that helps people with mental health and developmental disorders improve social functioning. It helps them build communication and listening skills, as well as work through anxiety about social interactions. In social skills training, the therapist will ask you which social situations you find most challenging, and which […]

How The Holidays Impact Social Anxiety

How The Holidays Impact Social Anxiety

For many, holidays are an exciting time, full of lots of parties and family traditions. For others, however, these can be moments that evoke stress, trepidation, and social anxiety. While it is normal to feel a bit anxious about meeting new people, feeling uneasy in such everyday situations can indicate a problem. When the thought […]

Recovery as Healing

Recovery is not just about physical sobriety. It’s a lifelong process of healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. It means addressing the reasons you drank or used in the first place, and learning how to cope with the ups and downs of life sober. Many of us in recovery find that even when we take away […]

How Do You Feel Your Emotions?

At over six years sober, I’ve found that one of the most challenging—and rewarding—parts of recovery is learning to sit with feelings sober. So many of us with addictions get used to numbing or distorting our feelings. During active addiction, we used drugs or alcohol to do this, but even in sobriety we can rely […]