A Conversation With Journalist and Author David Adam About OCD

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I spoke with journalist and author David Adam over Zoom about the hurdles to OCD treatment, depictions of the disorder in the media, and how people experiencing it can feel less alone. David Adam is an award-winning freelance journalist and author of the best-selling book about OCD, The Man Who Couldn’t Stop. I’ve had OCD since […]

A Conversation With Carl Erik Fisher About His Book the Urge: Our History of Addiction

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I spoke with Carl Erik Fisher over Zoom about his book The Urge: Our History of Addiction. Fisher is an addiction physician and bioethicist. He is an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University’s Division of Law, Ethics, and Psychiatry, and maintains a private psychiatry practice focused on addiction. Fisher’s writing has appeared in […]

A Conversation About Shame and Self-Compassion With Neuroscientist Marc Lewis

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Lewis over Zoom about addiction, neuroscience, shame, and self-compassion. Lewis is a neuroscientist and professor emeritus in developmental psychology. He is the author or co-author of over 70 journal publications in psychology and neuroscience, and the author of two books. Lewis currently writes for the popular press, blogs, and […]

A Conversation About Boundaries and Recovery With Author Pixie Lighthorse

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I spoke with author Pixie Lighthorse about her book Boundaries and Protection. Specifically, we discussed boundaries as they relate to addiction, recovery, and codependence. Boundaries and Protection is an incredible resource for anyone who is trying to figure out, as Lighthorse put it, “’Where do I end and the loved one in my life begin, […]

Sober Stories: Angel

TW: Suicidal thoughts         What led you to enter recovery? I had known for a long time that I was an alcoholic; I was just never ready to do anything about it. But then when alcohol wasn’t working as well as I needed it to—and I couldn’t cope with my life circumstances […]

Sober Stories: Seth

What led you to get sober? I had tried to stop several times, and I would maybe make it three days, or three weeks, or even three months—but I couldn’t really get past that. I was probably drinking for two years knowing that I shouldn’t be. At the end, I was dating somebody that had […]

A Conversation With Author Melissa Febos

I spoke with author Melissa Febos over zoom about recovering from addiction, channeling addictive tendencies in healthier ways, and viewing substance use disorders as a way to self-soothe. First I wanted to say, I feel such a kinship in your writing. Besides being queer and sober, I have a history of all-consuming romantic relationships and […]

Sober Stories: Brett

What led you to get sober? I know it’s often complicated. It is complicated. The number one reason was mental health. My biological father was an alcoholic; we were estranged for decades because he was going through his own stuff. My dad’s father died by suicide on my dad’s birthday when he was young, which […]

A Conversation With Author Sarah Hepola

I spoke with the author Sarah Hepola over zoom about her book Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget, society’s changing attitudes towards alcohol, and finding identity and connection in sobriety.   So first of all, I loved Blackout. Regarding the subtitle, “Remembering the things I drank to forget,” can you talk about some […]

Sober Stories: Charlie

What led you to get sober? There was a series of thoughts. The first was I was starting my medical transition, and part of getting on hormones is having a psych evaluation. I did the psych eval and they identified that I had an alcohol abuse problem. By the time I saw my therapist for […]