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Alumni Program

Once you complete drug and alcohol treatment at any one of our facilities, we welcome you to stay connected and take advantage of various resources and participate in our sober alumni community.


Our Alumni Program is available to all patients nationwide. There is no cost and it’s lifelong.


At TruHealing Centers, we know how important it is to stay connected for a lifetime. Our Alumni team is here to help guide you through the transition from drug and alcohol treatment back into the real world. Your new journey is an exciting one and we want you to be able to have the resources and support you need to maintain your sobriety. We care about our patients at every level, and well beyond discharge. Other treatment facilities lack a solid alumni department and/or do minimal in this area. Amatus creates a healthy, sober community for patients to “come home” to and be a part of the family.


How Does the Alumni Program Help Patients?

Being in our Alumni Program will introduce you to other people in recovery going through similar life situations. Lifelong relationships can be established in our drug and alcohol treatment facilities. Being a part of this program will help you maintain ties and reconnect with peers, friends, staff, and mentors. Our Alumni Program is the ideal aftercare network for those wanting to achieve long-term sobriety and are looking for inspiration.


  • Access to free, online Bi-weekly Zoom meetings
  • In person speaker events and regional activities
  • Resources to meetings, peer support and 12 step fellowship
  • Avoid relapse and stay in consistent healthy and positive environments
  • Form relationships and bond with sober friends and likeminded people
  • Experience sober, fun activities like bowling, game night, movie night, outdoor activities, holiday-themed events, BBQs, and more


Contact us today to learn more about our Alumni Program at 833.631.0525.


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What is the Family Program?

Amatus Alumni Programs are not only for patients, but we have a robust family programming component that sets us apart from other facilities. We are always training our teams to give the patient and family an experience that can support their long-term recovery. We are constantly researching and growing our resources, facilitating groups for families and building networks from one family to another, as well as one patient to another.


We understand addiction takes a toll on the entire family. This may be a time of sadness, worry, fear, anger, and helplessness. We know how you are feeling because many of us have gone through the same thing. That is why it’s highly important for family members to stay connected with us while your loved one is in our care.


Our Family Program is inclusive of your loved one’s treatment and there is no additional cost. The Family Program is designed to educate you and other family members about addiction and why it’s a disease, offer resources and support, updates on your loved one’s progress, assist in setting healthy boundaries, and help you plan ahead to encourage their return to a safe and sober environment.


How Does the Family Program Help Patients and Their Families?

  • Patients achieve better outcomes when families are engaged in the treatment process
  • Creates stronger and healthier family boundaries discourage enabling, and helps the family learn healthy coping skills when dealing with relapse or crisis
  • Family support ensures longer treatment stays and higher completion rates
  • Family support groups offered in every region, nightly except Fridays
  • Regional and national meetings with licensed counselors and recovery speakers


Contact us today to learn more about our Family Program at 833.631.0525.


Get to Know Our National Director of Alumni and Family Programming

Marc Wiltshire Alumni


Location: Atlanta, GA,

Representing TruHealing Centers nationally in all regions

Marc is from Wayne, NJ and moved to Florida in his early twenties to start his recovery journey. Soon after, he moved to Atlanta where he is now the National Director of Alumni and Family Services and celebrated ten years of sobriety. Marc attended Long Island University pursuing a degree in radio and film. His passion for working in the field comes from his own personal recovery and family history. His dad passed away from cirrhosis of the liver and his family has a history of mental health and addiction, ranging from schizoaffective disorders to bi-polar disorder and depression/anxiety. Marc’s devotion to his recovery and his family’s wellbeing mirrors the devotion he provides his team, the patients, and their families.


What drives your passion as National Director of Alumni and Family Programming?

I work with a wonderful team composed of representatives in each of our regions. I’m responsible for the supervision of our facility level groups, events, meetings, outcome measurements, amongst other data centered goals. We focus on setting up outreach plans and continuing care plans for all that leave us and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Another responsibility I have is the personal and professional growth of my team. We are a unit that believes what we can’t do alone, we can do together. My favorite part of the job is to see a client reunited with their family when both are practicing healthy boundaries. My second favorite part is the growth of my co-workers and teammates.

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