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Start Your Recovery Today

a woman at a residential mental health treatment center participates in mental health therapyMany people who face addiction issues also struggle with their mental health. At TruHealing Centers, we offer inpatient care for people experiencing a crisis brought on by mental health disorders. Our facilities are not hospital settings, nor are they “lock-up” facilities. Instead, we provide comfortable environments where you can rest as you heal. Our mental health treatment program allows us to provide around-the-clock care, medication management, and an intensive mental health therapy track.

Someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol while also dealing with mental health issues is described as having a co-occurring disorder. Self-medication with alcohol and drugs is not uncommon for someone suffering from severe mental health diagnoses. Our mental health treatment facilities are also equipped to provide medical detoxification, treat acute withdrawal, and provide you with the safety you need in order to start recovery.

What is Residential Mental Health Treatment?

In a residential mental health treatment program, you’ll live at a Truhealing Centers facility while going through intensive therapy. The outside world can be full of stress and situations that can hinder your recovery. However, in an inpatient setting, you’ll be able to rest and recover away from outside influences.

Inpatient mental health treatment care offers relief during a crisis. When the symptoms of your mental health diagnosis have begun to impair your ability to function, serious treatment is necessary.

Our Residential Mental Health Treatment Programs

A stay at our mental health residential facility reduces the stress from daily activities and responsibilities that can trigger or exacerbate a mental health crisis. Close monitoring means that your needs will be taken care of so you can begin to heal.

Getting you into inpatient care during an acute mental health crisis is the most important first step that can be taken. Once you are in a safe environment, we can help create an individualized treatment plan, create an accurate diagnosis, and work on medication management to help you build for the future.

Medication Management for Mental Health Treatment

Medication management is one part of a comprehensive mental health treatment program. In our inpatient facility, we emphasize collaborative care. Our team members work together to assess, evaluate, and begin to treat your mental health symptoms. Medication management also includes the process of identifying the proper treatment for your diagnosis. We will help you find the correct medicine at the right dosage to create the best situation for you.
Psychiatric care from a doctor or psychiatric nurse practitioner is available around the clock. We will assess your situation and identify the triggers for your mental health symptoms. Through mental health therapy, you’ll build the skills and coping strategies to deal with stress in a healthy way.

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