Open House for Midwest Center at Youngstown’s Outpatient Program

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On September 7th, Midwest Center at Youngstown had an open house to introduce our new outpatient program. It was a great time! We met attendees from Thrive, Mercy Hospital, On Demand, Brightview, Ethan’s Crossings, Asurgent, Lakeview Health, and a few other organizations. They ate lunch that we provided and learned about the program. They were […]

Recovery Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

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An important thing I’ve learned since being sober is that there isn’t only one way to “do” recovery. It can be really helpful to get tips from others, and people in recovery can relate in a lot of ways. But in the end, everyone is different; everyone’s recovery will be different as well.  Put a […]

TruHealing Riverbend’s August 22nd Open House

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TruHealing Riverbend hosted an open house and ribbon cutting on August 22nd and it was an incredible time! Attendees toured the facility in Jeffersonville, Indiana and learned about our programs. Our staff really enjoyed showing off the new space and connecting with our community. TruHealing Riverbend is a Joint Commission Accredited addiction and mental health […]

5 Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment

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An opiate is any drug that derives from the poppy plant. Like morphine and codeine, some have medical uses in pain relief and even, in the case of codeine, cough suppression. Still, all opiates are addictive, and medically prescribed opiates are no different. Heroin abuse is on the rise in the US, and synthetic drugs […]

We Can Help

hands touchingYOUR TREATMENT COULD BE COMPLETELY COVERED. Many private insurance plans can cover the full cost of your stay with little or no out of pocket expense. For a FREE Insurance Verification Check call, chat, or schedule an call back above. Verify Insurance Coverage Check Bed Availability Passion led us here. You keep what you have [...]

Why It’s Important to Address Underlying Issues in Recovery

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Addiction is a complex condition wherein chronically using substances changes the brain. But even before we start using substances, there are almost always underlying issues. The core reasons we are drawn to drugs or alcohol in the first place are complex; they vary by person, and when we do the work in recovery, we often […]

Recovery at Various Ages

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Addiction and recovery can happen at any age, but people experience the world differently at different times in their life. Recovery may not look the same for each age group. I got sober in my late 20’s and I’m now in my mid-30’s. For me, this has meant making a big life change during a […]

Brandon Novak Visits Awakenings Recovery Center

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Brandon Novak—professional skateboarder, MTV celebrity, and recovery advocate—came to Awakenings Recovery Center on June 17th to give clients hope and inspiration. All current inpatient and outpatient clients attended this wonderful event. At a young age, Novak was discovered for his skateboarding by Tony Hawk and was the first skateboarder to be endorsed by Gatorade. He […]

TruHealing In-Network With Evernorth For Foundations Recovery Center

Effective June 20th, TruHealing is in-network with Evernorth for Foundations Recovery Center. Evernorth is a subsidiary of the Cigna Corporation with extensive behavioral health options “built on 45+ years of experience committed to quality and affordability, accessibility, and compassionate support.”[1] Foundations Recovery Center provides top-quality Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs in Baltimore, Maryland. […]