When Is an Outpatient Rehab Program Necessary?

In an outpatient treatment program to treat addiction at TruHealing Centers, our guests are provided with outpatient rehab that’s designed and structured with the primary goal of allowing them to focus on their everyday life commitments and responsibilities while at the same time working diligently on their recovery. In an outpatient rehab program, you will […]

What Is Comorbidity?

When two or more health conditions are present in an individual, it is referred to as comorbidity or co-occurring disorders. Some of the most common comorbidities are addiction and mental health disorders, which are close companions. The likelihood of having a mental health condition alongside substance use disorder is very high as either one can […]

Qualities to Look for in a Successful Anxiety Treatment Center

Millions of Americans suffer from anxiety, whether it be from an anxiety disorder or occasional stressful situations. Unfortunately, many do not seek treatment to experience relief from this potentially debilitating condition. Feeling anxious in your daily life does not have to be your reality when you get help from an anxiety treatment center. At Amatus […]

Do I Need a Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center?

Millions of Americans suffer from trauma without realizing it, primarily due to the varied nature of events that can trigger trauma. Since we all respond differently to stress in our lives, what causes one person’s trauma may not leave much of a mark on another person’s mental health. Learning about the signs of trauma can […]

The Importance of Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental health is an essential component of proper overall health. It affects our well-being, longevity, and quality of life as much as any other aspect of our health. Millions of Americans live with mental health disorders, and we all know, love, or work alongside someone coping with mental health challenges. Annually since 1990, during the […]

What Is World Mental Health Day?

Since the first World Mental Health Day in 1995, initiated by the World Federation for Mental Health, the event has been commemorated every year on October 10. The overarching objective of this global day of awareness is to increase knowledge and understanding of mental health issues and mobilize efforts to support mental health in every […]

ADHD Awareness Month

October is ADHD Awareness Month. The aim of this month is to educate the public about the condition by spreading reliable and accurate information. Some of the symptoms of ADHD are trouble focusing, forgetfulness about completing tasks, distraction, and difficulty sitting still. However, these are highly variable by person and can change over time. While […]

Can Depression and Anxiety Co-Occur?

Depression and anxiety are separate mental health disorders, but they commonly co-occur. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), an estimated 60% of those with anxiety also have depression, and that number is similar for those experiencing depression.[1] Depression and anxiety both also have a high co-occurrence with addiction.   Anxiety and depression may […]

What Is World Suicide Prevention Day?

World Suicide Prevention Day 2021 is September 10. This designated day is recognized worldwide as an opportunity to focus attention on the suicide epidemic, normalize help-seeking, and chip away at the stigma that surrounds mental health conversations. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, where more than 15 out of […]

The Importance of National Suicide Prevention Month

One of the top ten causes of death in the United States is suicide, which takes 50,000 people a year. Throughout September, which is National Suicide Prevention Month, organizations, agencies, and individuals devoted to mental health are grateful to have a recognized platform to tackle the stigma surrounding help-seeking for mental health challenges. In the […]