How to Respond and How Not to Respond When Someone Tells You They’re Getting Sober


Deciding to get sober can be very challenging and intimidating. People who pursue recovery from addiction need support from those in their lives. This not only gives them strength through the life-changing journey they’re about to take. An addicted brain is more likely to rationalize drinking or using, so a lack of support can make […]

3 Ways to Enjoy a Sober Valentine’s Day

Before even knowing what alcohol is, we formed a subconscious link between alcohol and celebrating. As children, we watched our parents having a good time with friends over the holidays drinking and celebrating. For men and women who struggle with addiction, the holidays can be an especially challenging time. If you are newly sober, you […]

Celebrating Short-Term Sobriety Milestones

Recovery is a journey, not a destination. With this in mind, it can be beneficial to celebrate short-term sobriety goals. Not only will joyous celebrations keep you goal-oriented and help you stay motivated, but they also remind your loved ones of your ongoing commitment to your long-term recovery. Having a reliable alumni network with whom […]

3 Steps Towards Achieving Long-Term Sobriety

You may want to get sober for a variety of reasons, from regaining your physical health to repairing your most important relationships, but the ultimate goal of addiction recovery is long-term sobriety. There are many strategies and techniques used to achieve long-term sobriety goals, including the ongoing support of an alumni program. Reach out to […]

How To Maintain Your Sobriety During The Holidays


Holidays can be a fun and exciting season of the year. There are plenty of parties, gatherings, and seasonal activities that call everyone to eat, drink, and be merry. For people in their recovery journeys from alcohol or drug addiction, holidays may not be a fun time. Holidays have a lot to deal with, from […]

What Is Seasonal Depression?


Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a type of depression linked to changes in the seasons. It usually occurs during winter and ends in spring, and usually occurs perenially. However, it is more than just “winter blues” since the symptoms can be quite distressing and overwhelming and could affect your normal […]

How To Enjoy Sober Holidays


The holidays can be a difficult time if you are new to recovery. You will definitely encounter several challenges from family gatherings, emotional triggers like stress, and parties with plenty of alcohol. As difficult as it may sound, it is possible to enjoy sober holidays. You can resist your relapse triggers by creating a plan […]

3 Mocktail Ideas for This Holiday Season


While many Americans are busy planning their Thanksgiving menus and making travel arrangements to visit family, you may be worried about how to maintain your sobriety. The holidays can be an enjoyable time to spend with loved ones, but they can also be a very stressful time, especially if you are in recovery. Thanksgiving dinners, […]

What Are the Benefits of Recovery Housing?

The goal of any addiction recovery program is to achieve sobriety. For many people, pursuing recovery in the right environment is paramount to their success. Not all living situations promote sobriety. That can make recovery housing, also called sober living housing, a great option for people looking for increased independence matched with ongoing support after […]

How to Enjoy a Safe and Sober 4th of July


The 4th of July is an important holiday in the United States. Summer has arrived, so people are ready to get together with friends and family to celebrate. Unfortunately, the 4th is also consistently one of the deadliest days of the year because of alcohol-fueled accidents, automotive and otherwise. Of all the drinking holidays, Independence […]