New Hampshire Facilities Now TRICARE-certified


We Are Pleased to Announce That We Are TRICARE-certified at Our Facilities in New Hampshire TRICARE provides health coverage to 9.6 million active-duty service members, veterans, and their family members. It is part of the US Military Health System. This certification includes Bonfire Behavioral Health, our outpatient facility providing PHP treatment in Rochester, New Hampshire, […]

5 Benefits of Opiate Addiction Treatment


An opiate is any drug that derives from the poppy plant. Like morphine and codeine, some have medical uses in pain relief and even, in the case of codeine, cough suppression. Still, all opiates are addictive, and medically prescribed opiates are no different. Heroin abuse is on the rise in the US, and synthetic drugs […]

TruHealing In-Network With Evernorth For Foundations Recovery Center

Effective June 20th, TruHealing is in-network with Evernorth for Foundations Recovery Center. Evernorth is a subsidiary of the Cigna Corporation with extensive behavioral health options “built on 45+ years of experience committed to quality and affordability, accessibility, and compassionate support.”[1] Foundations Recovery Center provides top-quality Partial Hospitalization, Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient programs in Baltimore, Maryland. […]

Self-Advocacy in Recovery


Active addiction can make you feel out of control and unsure of who you are, which means many of us learn self-advocacy when we get sober. You can’t ask for what you need when you don’t know what that is. It’s important to learn what’s best for your recovery and advocate for it, because what […]

Am I Addicted to Steroids?


Steroids are a common part of life, as they are used by athletes and other people looking to enhance muscle mass and reduce recovery. Steroids are increasingly common among people looking to improve fitness and physical appearance. Unfortunately, steroids can be highly addictive and harmful to overall health. Knowing the signs and symptoms of steroid […]

A Conversation With Carl Erik Fisher About His Book the Urge: Our History of Addiction


I spoke with Carl Erik Fisher over Zoom about his book The Urge: Our History of Addiction. Fisher is an addiction physician and bioethicist. He is an assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at Columbia University’s Division of Law, Ethics, and Psychiatry, and maintains a private psychiatry practice focused on addiction. Fisher’s writing has appeared in […]

A Brief Description of the Neuroscience of Addiction

Many factors can contribute to a person seeking drugs or alcohol in an addictive way—genetics, environment, trauma, co-occurring mental health disorders, and lots of others. What causes someone to drink or use is different for everyone, and often a combination of things. However, the ways addiction changes the brain tend to be consistent from person […]

3 Steps Towards Achieving Long-Term Sobriety

You may want to get sober for a variety of reasons, from regaining your physical health to repairing your most important relationships, but the ultimate goal of addiction recovery is long-term sobriety. There are many strategies and techniques used to achieve long-term sobriety goals, including the ongoing support of an alumni program. Reach out to […]

What is Pet-Assisted Therapy?

Pet-assisted therapy uses animals to help people cope with a range of problems, from heart disease to mental health disorders. It is a structured therapy that uses animals to help lower stress, improve health problems, calm people down, and many more benefits. The human-animal bond can be very therapeutic. A review[1] of 17 studies about […]