Coping With Anger in Recovery

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Anger, like any emotion, is valid and nothing to be ashamed of. However, it’s an emotion that can feel overwhelming and make us say things we regret. A lot of recovery is about learning to both feel our emotions and respond to them in a healthier way. First, we typically need some distance when we’re […]

Seeking Closure With People From Active Addiction During Recovery

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I’ve both sought closure from people I knew in active addiction, and been the one others were seeking closure from. Through these experiences, I’ve learned to be thoughtful about how this is done from both sides.   The Risk of Falling Into Old Patterns When I reached out to one particular person, I was struggling with […]

Top Five Sober Activities to Do in Gaithersburg, Maryland


A big question many people ask when they first get sober is, “What will I do for fun?” Luckily, there are so many answers to that question. Below are five fun sober activities to do in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Watch Live Performances, Take Classes, and Experience Art at the Arts Barn The Arts Barn is a […]

Staying Sober on Halloween


7 Ways to Stay Sober on Halloween Halloween in recovery—especially early recovery—can be a challenge. Most parties involve alcohol. However, there are many fun ways to celebrate the holiday sober. Halloween is also a kid-centric holiday, meaning that most of us actually do have experience celebrating it sober, even before we enter recovery as adults. […]

Taking Time to Acknowledge Growth in Recovery

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In my experience, there is a lot of forward momentum in recovery. I’m constantly looking to grow and learn—making up for lost time from my years in active addiction. Growth in recovery is wonderful and intrinsically motivating. However, we can’t keep going and going without pause.  The Importance of Pausing It’s important to stop sometimes […]

Staying Sober Through Grief and Pain

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Grieving is a huge and really painful process—whether that’s a death, a breakup, the end of a friendship, your health, or any other big loss. Many of us in recovery used drugs or alcohol to numb or blunt difficult feelings. A big part of the work of recovery is facing these emotions sober. When loss […]

Making Big Choices During Recovery

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When we’re in active addiction, it can be difficult to have intention. I never felt like I could take responsibility for my choices. In the moment, it can be comforting to feel like things just happen and you’re not responsible for your decisions—but I’ve found making informed choices in recovery so empowering.  Trusting Yourself in […]

How Recovery Changes Over Time

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In my seven years sober, I’ve learned that some things about recovery stay the same—and many things change. It continues to be full of surprises, rewards, and challenges. However, those are different as time goes on. In early recovery, your brain and body are going through the first parts of healing while you learn to […]

Emotional Regulation in Recovery

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Learning to cope with challenging emotions without drinking or using is a big part of recovery. During active addiction, many of us get used to numbing our feelings with drugs or alcohol. This is called “self-medication”—when people use substances to regulate emotions and co-occurring mental health disorders. I’ve found that a big part of the […]

Focusing on Your Strengths in Recovery

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In my experience, recovery shows you strengths you either didn’t know you had, or weren’t able to carry through on. While becoming more self-aware when you’re sober can show you where you might need to grow, that doesn’t mean fixating on your perceived flaws. Playing to your strengths—and the strengths you’d like to have—can be […]