9 Things to Do When Your Loved One Refuses Help

9 Things to Do When Your Loved One Refuses Help

When our loved ones are addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is normal to want to help, or “save” them. We can offer our loved one help, but they don’t always take it, which often puts us in uncomfortable or upsetting situations. At TruHealing Centers, we provide support for addiction in a number of ways, […]

A Brief Description of the Neuroscience of Addiction

Many factors can contribute to a person seeking drugs or alcohol in an addictive way—genetics, environment, trauma, co-occurring mental health disorders, and lots of others. What causes someone to drink or use is different for everyone, and often a combination of things. However, the ways addiction changes the brain tend to be consistent from person […]

A Conversation About Shame and Self-Compassion With Neuroscientist Marc Lewis

I had the pleasure of speaking with Marc Lewis over Zoom about addiction, neuroscience, shame, and self-compassion. Lewis is a neuroscientist and professor emeritus in developmental psychology. He is the author or co-author of over 70 journal publications in psychology and neuroscience, and the author of two books. Lewis currently writes for the popular press, blogs, and […]

Attachment Theory and Addiction

Attachment theory describes how people approach relationships. A child’s relationship with their caregivers plays a large role in how they relate later in life. However, it’s possible to start healing from an attachment style that is causing distress at any time. This typically takes building healthier relationships and doing inner work. The attachment types are […]

A Conversation About Boundaries and Recovery With Author Pixie Lighthorse


I spoke with author Pixie Lighthorse about her book Boundaries and Protection. Specifically, we discussed boundaries as they relate to addiction, recovery, and codependence. Boundaries and Protection is an incredible resource for anyone who is trying to figure out, as Lighthorse put it, “’Where do I end and the loved one in my life begin, […]

Olivia Ehret of Midwest Region on abc13


Northwest Ohio has seen a record number of overdose deaths this year. Our teams are working tirelessly to get people the help they need. Olivia Ehret, Clinical Director of Inpatient Services in TruHealing’s Midwest region, spoke with 13abc about how addiction treatment centers have been impacted by the alarming number of overdoses. Read the full […]

3 Common Holiday Addiction Triggers


Holidays should be happy occasions that provide an opportunity for friends and family to get together and enjoy the season. However, these gatherings can pose a risk of relapse due to addiction triggers such as stress and increased access to drugs and alcohol. If you are recovering from addiction, you surely know that treatment does […]

Memory and Recovery

Memory is a strange thing when it comes to recovery. Triggers are essentially memories-circumstances, people, places, or feelings that your brain has come to associate with drinking or using. But for many of us, memories of times when we were intoxicated are distorted and fragmented. In recovery, we can feel grateful that we’re able to […]

What is Self-Medicating?

In recent decades, there’s been more of a consensus that addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders should be treated together. This is in part because people who have an untreated mental health disorder may self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Self-medicating is using substances to cope with the symptoms of a mental health disorder. For instance, […]

It’s Never Too Late to Change

Sometimes our brains lie to us. We can be at a low point and think we’re stuck there forever or change is impossible. This is far from true. No matter where you are in life, there is always hope for growth. I’ve seen this mode of thinking keep people in a relapse; they believe that […]